DT Daily: Tesla gets practical, more details on Windows 8, Diablo III delayed again

Germany refuses to sign ACTA

Proponents of Internet freedom received good news today, as Germany’s Foreign Office announced that it will not sign the controversial Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement, known as ACTA. If ratified, the anti-piracy treaty would require countries around the world to adopt stricter intellectual property laws, similar to those found in the US. It would also create an entirely new governing body to oversee the enforcement of copyright law. Critics of ACTA argue that the treaty would restrict free speech, and stifle innovation online. Germany’s refusal to sign ACTA could kill the treaty, which is schedule for a ratification vote by the European Parliament in June. All 27 countries in the European Union must sign the treaty for it to go into effect.

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Tesla unveils Model X electric

Tesla has unveiled a prototype of its third electric vehicle, the Model X. The new EV has been designed with families in mind, looking like a crossover between a SUV and a minivan. The X gets its name from its doors, which open upward, much like the Delorean, the iconic, time-traveling car from Back to the Future. Tesla plans to start production of the Model X in 2013. It will retail for just under 50 thousand dollars.

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Windows on ARM

Microsoft has revealed more details on its tablet version of Windows 8, codenamed “Windows on ARM.” The software maker now says the tablet version of the OS will come packaged with a classic Windows 7 desktop, much like the laptop and PC version. The company is downplaying the fact that almost no current PC applications will work with Windows on Arm due to the difference between Intel processors, which are common in PCs, and ARM processors, which power most mobile phones and tablets. To help quell complaints, Microsoft will offer its suite of Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote for free with the operating system.

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Diablo III delayed again

Activision Blizzard is testing the patience of Diablo fans. The publisher has announced that the highly anticipated sequel Diablo III will be delayed from its previous “Early 2012” release to sometime between April and June. Commenting on the delay, Director Jay Wilson has said that “no one will remember if the game is late, only if it’s great.” Diablo III has been in development since 2001.

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