DT Daily: The big game goes online, GoT teaser show, Ting Tings go analog

Today on DT Daily:  The big game gets into the stream of things, a tease from Game of Thrones, and the Ting Tings’ beats go analog.

There’s still over ten days to go until the big game starts, so we hope you’re settling in for the endless pregame shows that are probably starting, well, right about now.

Not going to be near a TV come gametime? No problem. NBC says they are going to stream the game live and for free over the Internet, and the Super Bowl itself is just the start of things. NBC will stream a total of 11 hours of free programming on Feb 1, including an episode of the show Blacklist. All for free! The only catch? They won’t be streaming to mobile devices, lest entire mobile data networks come crashing down.

So load up the NBC Sports Live Extra app on your computer, tablet or net-enabled TV and get ready to get your football on. And I’m sure they’re won’t be any network congestion during the game.

Are you still sitting in front of your TV with HBO on, waiting for Game of Thrones to return in April? You should go take a shower, it’s only January, you know.

Or, maybe not. HBO has announced they are going to release a special behind-the scenes show called Game of Thrones: A Day in the Life – which is probably the most inaccurate title ever for this series – on February 8. The special will show what it takes to bring Game of Thrones to the screen. Plus, later this month, fans can go see two past episodes and the making-of special at select IMAX theaters. So, yeah, do take a shower before heading to the theater.

The always fun and somewhat snarky band the Ting Tings latest album is called Super Critical, and DT musicologist Mike Mettler recently had a chance to talk to lead singer and guitarist Katie White about what’s different on this record. And we do mean record. Super Critical will be coming out on vinyl and befitting the old-school format, White told Mettler they recorded the tracks on analog tape after meeting up with Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor, who became a co-producer.

White says she loves the warm analog sound and that the band went back to the beats that helped make their 2008 debut album We Started Nothing such a huge hit.

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