DT Daily: Tivo’s massive DVR, smartwatch invasion, heat those cold feet

Today on DT Daily: Tivo feeds your TV addiction – in a big way, IFA’s wearables bonanza gets us warmed up for Apple’s big show and finally, no more excuses for getting cold feet.

Still rocking your old Tivo and cursing the lack of hard drive space? Well, nothing succeeds like excess, and Tivo has apparently taken that to heart.

How? With the Tivo Mega. Looking more like a DVR from the Death Star than a typical friendly Tivo, the Mega features 24 terabytes of hard drive space, which is enough to record 4,000 hours – or 166 full days – of HD programming. Of course, you’re going to really, really need to love watching TV, as the Mega will likely ring in at around five grand. It should come out right in time for Christmas.

We just got back from the IFA show in Berlin and if you could tear yourself away from the mind-bending 8K TVs, you’d notice that pretty much every big brand in attendance was showing off a new smart watch. So has the age of the truly useable smartwatch arrived? We’ll probably know Tuesday when Apple holds their annual fall product rollout, which may, at long last, feature the mythical iWatch.

We’ve got boots on the ground in the bay area, so check in tomorrow at 10am for the big reveal.

Finally, we’ve all gotten cold feet at some point, whether it was an hour before the big wedding or while ice fishing in Manitoba. But with the Digitsole shoe inserts, you’re now good to go! Simply charge up the insoles, slip ‘em in your Danners and use your smartphone to control the temperature for each foot.

The battery lasts for eight hours and using the handy digitsoles app, you can also get updates on how far you’ve run and calories burned as flee the church and your jilted bride. Digitsoles has already hit their kickstarter goal but there’s still a lot of time left to lock in a $150 set for Christmas, just use that gift card you swiped from the wedding presents table on the way out.

Your host today is Greg Nibler.

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