DT Daily: Ultimate barn find, Dolby for your eyes, athlete gift guide

Today on DT Daily: the most amazing and sad barn find you can imagine, Dolby labs turns from sound to pictures, and some great gift ideas for the athlete on your list.

Roger Baillon loved cars. He had money, he had space, and he had a dream of building a museum for his favorites. But sadly, the last element of his vision never came true in his lifetime.

Instead, Roger’s many cars, which included Ferraris, Buggattis, Maseratis and many more exotics, sat is dank garages and hap-hazard sheds on his vast property in France, slowly rotting away for the last 50-odd years. The massive stash, truly the barn find to end all barn finds, is now in the process or recovery, but sadly, many of the once grand machines are so decrepit they are beyond salvation.

The salvageable cars will go to auction, and one, a 1961 Ferrari – it’s under all those stacks of magazines on the left – is expected to fetch more than $15 million alone.

Going to a movie in an IMAX theater is a special treat, what with the giant picture and great sound. Now, audio systems developer Dolby is looking to take on IMAX in the big screen game.   

Their angle: improved picture quality, and they call it Dolby Vision. If you’re familiar with the “HDR” – or high dynamic range – setting on your cell phone camera, that’s basically what Dolby is looking to do with movies. HDR greatly improves image contrast, brightness and detail, and Dolby is opening a single theater in the Netherlands that will feature their improved imaging system. From there, they hope to expand and take on IMAX, of course, and put HDR in TVs as well.

The IMAX folks aren’t standing idly by, however, and are reportedly working on their own system to improve image quality.

Got an athlete on your holiday shopping list? Then check out our gift guide tailored just for them. We’ve included everything from a sensor-packed basketball, to sweat-proof earbuds to smart headlamps for those late-night runners.

For those who are not quite… athletic, consider a motorized longboard for a fun exercise-free ride. We’ve got a long list of athletic tech and even more gift guides to check out, but remember, there’s just two weeks to go!

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