DT Daily: Very smart LED bulb, ‘affordable’ Vertu phone, rescue balloon

Today on DT Daily: The light bulb of the future? Plus, we look at the “affordable” Vertu phone, and hey, you can start leaving your flare gun at home now.

Until very recently, one of the most basic tech items in our lives, the light bulb, hasn’t changed in well over a century. But LEDs and “smart” technology are bringing bulbs up to date and the BeOn bulb may be the smartest one yet.

The BeOn LED bulbs mimic a regular 60-watt light and you just screw them into a regular socket. Once powered up, the bulbs can be controlled via an app, or the regular wall switch. Each bulb includes a microphone and connects to other BeON bulbs via a Bluetooth mesh network, so it makes for a great low-profile security system. They even have built-in battery back-up so they work if the power goes out. There’s even a nightlight mode, and more.

BeON’s kickstarter campaign is looking to raise $100,000 and they’re over halfway there, so check the link below on how to upgrade your lights to the 21st century.

If the iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S5 are just too pedestrian for your refined tastes, we can heartily recommend Vertu’s newest phone, called the Aster.

So what’s so special about the latest handset from the lux phone maker – I mean, besides the nearly $7,000 price tag? Well, Vertu phones of the past have been long on luxury and short on performance, but that changes with the Aster, which runs on Android 4-4-2, sports a 1080P sapphire screen and a 2.3 gigahertz snapdragon engine. But it’s just the insane build quality, which features titanium, leather, and tiny details everywhere. It just feels really expensive.

Oh, and it’s hand-made by one person who signs the phone. So if you’re willing to drop seven large on a phone, well, maybe you can call whomever made it and say thanks for the really sweet celly.

Don’t you just hate it when you get lost at sea and that far-off freighter doesn’t see your last shot from the flare gun in your life raft?

Well, it’s never happening to us again because we’re going to start packing the RescueMe Balloon, a self-inflating SOS balloon that will stay aloft for a week. Once airborne, the bright orange balloon also flashes LED lights so it can be seen at night. There’s 125 feet of line in the lightweight tube so you can float it above trees if you’re lost in the woods.

Price? It looks like the developers are hoping it comes in at around 50 bucks, but if it saves you from becoming a meal for sharks or bears, well, we’d call that a bargain.

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