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Digital Trends Live: Amazon wearable recognizes emotion, Boring goes to Vegas

On the latest episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler and DT Content Manager Hanif Jackson discuss the top tech stories of the day, including an Amazon wearable device that can recognize human emotions, the Boring Company hitting the jackpot in Las Vegas, Baltimore’s ongoing struggles with ransomware, Samsung’s deepfakes, Airbus’ flying taxi, and more.

First on the guest list is George Matus, Jr., chief executive officer of Teal Drones, who joins Nibler to discuss how their company makes drones that are more than just a flying camera, and what the Chinese ban on drones could mean for customers.

Later, Nibler welcomes Lisa Roth, vice president and creative director of CMH Label Group and creator of the Rockabye Baby! series, to talk about the future of streaming music, as well as rock music for your little one.

Zeamo CEO Paul O’Reilly-Hyland joins the show to talk about how it connects business travelers with a network of gyms so they can work out whenever, wherever.

Finally, we are joined by Jordan French, executive editor of Grit Daily, who goes behind the scenes of the Collision Conference to walk us through one of the biggest events in tech.

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