Digital Trends Live: Intel’s new laptop concept, Apple foldable device, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler and Luke Larsen, DT’s section editor for computing, review the trending tech stories of the day, including Intel’s “Honeycomb Glacier” concept laptop, a new Amazon patent that points to Alexa listening and recording at all times, a possible foldable device from Apple, Computex news, smart circuit breakers, and more.

We also talk with Frank Weishaupt, chief executive officer at Owl Labs, about its smart conferencing camera, called Meeting Owl, which integrates 360-degree video conferencing with Zoom and Skype.

Later in the show, Jake Rossman, producer of Digital Trends Live, sits down with Daniel Flynn, managing director and co-founder of Thankyou, a nonprofit consumer products company in Australia that is working to eliminate global poverty.

Ryan Kennedy, co-founder and CEO of Atom Power, then joins us to talk about the company’s smart circuit breakers and how they’re bringing power into the digital age..

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