Digital Trends Live: Google Home is listening, Samsung Note 10 images, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, DT Video Producer Riley Winn joins host Greg Nibler to discuss the biggest trending stories in tech, including reports of Google Home recording 24/7, Samsung Note 10 Plus images leak, getting rock samples from an asteroid, NASA discovers the 4,000th exoplanet, a four-legged dog robot, and more.

We’re then joined by Matt Hill, chief science officer at Rekor Systems, to discuss how they use machine learning to quickly identify vehicles through image and video processing.

Sean Chou, chief executive officer of Catalytic, comes on the show to talk about developing machine learning tools for office workers so they can be freed to focus on more thoughtful, creative work.

Lastly, Nibler welcomes Parker Hall, DT staff writer, to talk about how the Amazon and Google feud opened the door to allowing Roku to capture 37% percent of the streaming market.

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