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Digital Trends Live: Snapchat’s 3D video camera, LG’s Z-fold phone, and more

It’s Digital Trends Live — from Savannah, Georgia! On this episode, host Greg Nibler and Nicole Raney dive into the biggest trending stories in tech. Stories include Snapchat’s announcement of their new Spectacles 3 sunglasses that have microphones and cameras to let you capture your world in 3D and the Tron-inspired electric motorcycle you’ve been waiting for.

In other news, a new Federal Communications Commission listing for “wireless game device” for the Nintendo Switch may mean that a wireless SNES-style controller could be on the way, despite the system not currently offering SNES games through its subscription service.

Also, patents surface from LG that show designs for several foldable phones, including some relatively “normal” designs, as well as a bizarre Z-fold design that incorporates three screens and has no ports.

All this and more on this episode of Digital Trends Live.

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