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Digital Trends Live: Clearview AI’s stolen customer list, Xbox Series X

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Dan Gaul discuss the biggest topics in tech, including the theft of Clearview AI’s customer list, a Surface Duo leak, an AR eyepiece for firefighters, and more.

We then take a look at the upcoming Xbox Series X, which boasts variable ray tracing, Smart Delivery, and twice the power of the Xbox One.

Akif Ekin

Akif Ekin, president of Ekin, joins the show to discuss using smart tech to keep smart cities safe, and how the company provides citywide operating systems and devices for traffic management and law enforcement.

Next up, DT Senior Editor Caleb Denison reviews the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Bluetooth speaker, which packs great low-end sound and is priced at $399.

It’s then time for our Reel News segment, where we look at what’s heading to the box office. This week, we discuss The Invisible Man, Wendy, and Guns Akimbo.

Buck Jordan

Finally, we take a look at food service robots with Buck Jordan, chief executive officer of Miso Robotics, who talks about how robots aren’t replacing humans, but are filling in when there’s a shortage of workers.

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