Digital Trends Live: Lime scooter bug, influencer marketing, and Apple’s iVan

On Tuesday’s episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler discussed trending tech topics like the Lime scooter fault that causes excessive breaking and the debut of an artificial intelligence news anchor in China. We also welcomed the director of U.S. business development for Shoperr, Jason Dodier, to talk about influencer marketing and DT’s automotive contributor Ronan Glon dropped by the show to talk about Apple’s electric, autonomous van.

A firmware bug was recently discovered in Lime scooters that under rare circumstances can cause sudden and excessive breaking, according to a message from the San Francisco-based e-scooter company to its riders. While the breaking issue is believed to have affected less than 0.0045 percent of Lime scooter rides, officials in Auckland, New Zealand, have pulled the scooters from the city’s streets until the problem is solved.

We sat down with Jason Dodier, the director of U.S. business development at Shoperr, a platform that makes it easy for content creators and influencers to participate in affiliate marketing.

“We saw social media and social commerce becoming intertwined, and influencers have increasingly played a bigger role in society, especially when it comes to brands and making overall recommendations,” Dodier said. “We identified that earlier on and essentially looked at building a platform where users could share products and services that they love and believe in and really make authentic recommendations.”

Digital Trends’ automotive contributor Ronan Glon also joined the show to talk about some of the latest stories in the world of tech and automotives, including the Geneva Auto Show, and rumors of Apple’s iVan. While nothing is official yet, Apple is reportedly in the process of developing an electric, autonomous van. Opting to make a van over a car makes sense for several reasons, though, like the fact that a van would have no performance expectations and would be easier to package.

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