Love it! Facebook launches reaction emojis globally

The wait is over Facebook lovers: You’re no longer restricted to simply “liking” a post or a page; now you have a suite of so-called “reactions” to choose from in the form of several new emojis. The global launch of the reactions took place this morning, so now you can express your anger, sadness, love, shock and horror, or full-on passion for all the cat videos, food porn, and surveys you can find.

Don’t worry, the old-fashioned “Like” button is still right there, front and center, but now if you click and hold or just hover over it on FB’s desktop client, you’ll see the emoji reaction options. If you’re watching me on Facebook right now, try it out by leaving an emoji reaction on this video. May I suggest the Love or possibly the WOW option?

Mac gets Siri

Is Siri coming to your Mac? If 9to5Mac and it’s anonymous sources are correct, the answer is yes. The report suggests that OS X 10.12 will sport Apple’s digital voice assistant, and why not? The Apple Watch has her, the Apple TV just got her, and Microsoft is passively rubbing Cortana in Apple’s face. It’s probably about time Siri came to the Mac anyway.

Rumor is the “hey Siri” voice prompt will be supported when a Mac is plugged into a power outlet, which means there will be yet another device that’s “always listening” to you in your home unless you choose to disable the feature. If Apple sticks to its usual announcement schedule, we’ll find out if this rumor is legit when WWDC takes place in June.

Will Siri be all that useful on Apple’s desktop OS? We can’t know for sure, but we’re definitely looking forward to finding out.

Can’t-miss content

Finally, DT is chock full of killer stuff you should check out today. Here are a few highlights on articles you don’t wanna miss.

DT reporter Ryan Waniata went hands, ears, and eyes-in with the new Glyph, a VR-like entertainment system for one that makes you look like Geordi LaForge with earmuffs, but is apparently super fun to use for movies and games. Also, DT’s movie guru Rick Marshall’s Oscar VFX series began today, which takes a look at all the magic behind the stunning special effects in Ex Machina, Mad Max, The Martian, Revenant, and, of course the new Star Wars.

You can even take a look back at last year’s series covering such hits as Guardians of he Galaxy and Interstellar. It’s fascinating an entertaining stuff, and we’ll be done one nominated movie each day leading right up to the Oscars ceremony this Sunday.

That is it for DT Daily today. Don’t forget to like us or shoot a Facebook Emoji or way, subscribe to our YouTube channel. WDo tele’ll see you again right back here, tomorrow.

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