Google dodges $9 Billion lawsuit, Oracle to appeal

On Thursday Google dodged a bullet that could have cost the company 9 Billion dollars. Here’s the play by play. Google uses the open source platform Java in its Android operating system. Oracle, which owns the copyright for Java, sued Google for copyright infringement. Thursday a federal court ruling in favor of Google stated that the company’s use of 37 of Java’s API is protected by Fair use. This isn’t merely a win for google, it a win for everyone that uses apps. If this judgment had gone the other way, app developers who depend on the ability to freely use API’s, would have been hamstrung by an assortment of legal roadblocks.

The awesome and immersive experience of wearing an HTC Vive or Oculus rift also comes with a serious hang up. The long cable that tethers you to a gaming PC. Headset wearers have to be constantly aware of it while moving around in the virtual world. HP’s answer to this problem is to take that gaming PC and strap it to your back. HP’s Omen lineup of gaming PC’s will soon grow to include a backpack PC that weighs less than 10 pounds. Two batteries attached to the belt strap will power the unit, and wearers are going to be able to enjoy the VR world free of wires. The VR Backpack is still under development but expect to see demo units in a month or so.

And Finally, Everyone knows that Facebook holds a wealth of information about its users, their likes, dislikes and habits. It’s built a massive advertising business showing targeted ads to its users when they’re both on the social network, or on 3rd party sites. But until now, it only targeted Facebook users. Starting today, Facebook will will use a mix of cookies, it’s buttons, and other plugins to track non-Facebook users habits. This is a massive move for Facebook in the global ad market, essentially opening up its ad customization abilities to the entire internet. Apparently there’s no hiding from Facebook.

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