Marissa Mayer gets one more stab at saving Yahoo from getting sold out

Say hello to the new Fitbit Alta. Many are calling it the first fashion-forward, even female-targeted fitness wearable from FitBit. The big selling points for this new model are the slimmer, sleeker design and interchangeable bands, making it less clunky and more attractive. Essentially: Less like a fitness wearable, and more like a piece of jewelry. The Alta starts at $130 and comes with your choice of black, blue, or plum plastic band.

There are other plastic band colors available for $30 each, but if you’re shooting for fashionable, the leather and stainless steel bands are where it’s at. You can get the leather options in camel, gray and blush pink for $60 while the stainless steel link band, which I think would look just fine on a guy, goes for an extra $100. Fitbit has also said it plans a gold and Rose Gold bangle band.

As for functionality, it does what other fitbits do, with a dash of smartwatch sprinkled in to get you alerts for text messages, incoming calls and calendar updates, but stops short of sending Twitter or FB notifications. It also figures out what workout you engage in and starts tracking said workout automatically. And if you’ve been sedentary for almost an hour, it will chime in cheerily suggest you get off your butt.

There’s more, so be sure to check out our full overview.

Yahoo! Oh, Yahoo: What are you anymore? Not really a search engine, kind of a joint for trashy news and sponsored news posts, but then you link to some really good stories sometimes. And then there’s Yahoo screen? Seriously, what is Yahoo doing? Many, including Yahoo’s shareholders, are asking this question.

There’s been talk of a sale, and some believed Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s head was on the chopping block because she’s been pretty vocal about not wanting to sell the company. But, it appears Mayer has onvinced others to try to turn the ship around, and kept herself on board in the process. And that’s pretty admirable. As a woman who’s done well for herself already, she could just walk away with plenty of green in the bank.

Instead, she’s staying on to fire some expected 1700 people and streamline the business. Expect some big changes at the site in the coming months. They’ll determine whether one of the Internet’s stalwarts will fight its way back to relevancy, or fade unceremoniously into the Ether. And finally, after a video from Jimmy Kimmel Live called Plizzanet Live went viral, a petition to turn the segment into a real show has gained 10’s of thousands of signatures.

The bit, called Plizzanet Earth, features Snoop Dogg narrating nature scenes with no prior knowledge of what the animals are, or what they’re going to do. After seeing the segment, super-fan Kelly Ooton started a petition which, last we checked, had pulled in over 56,000 signatures.

Snoop is known for going out of his way to please his fans, so chances are good that we’ll at least see another segment like this on Kimmel’s show, if not a full-on web series. Eat your heart out David Attenborough. That’s it for DT Daily, be sure to visit often for the best stizories on the wizeb, I’m Caleb Denison, we’ll see ya tomorrow.

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