Returned your Note 7? Good, now steer clear of your Samsung clothes washer

CPSC sets Samsung washer recall to ‘soak’

Following the supernova of failure around Samsung’s exploding Galaxy Note 7 phone fiasco, the last thing the company needs is more bad news. Unfortunately, we actually do have some bad news. The Consumer Product Safety Commission here in the U.S. is recalling nearly 3 million Samsung washing machines, because they, well, can kind of explode.

More specifically, the tops of the washers can detach in a violent fashion during high-speed spinning, and the CPSC says they’ve received more than 700 reports of washing machine ‘splosions, one of which resulted in a broken jaw. Samsung says they are working with the CPSC to resolve all issues, and that includes refunds, rebates and in-home repairs as needed. The recall goes all the way back to 2011, so if you have a Samsung washer, go here. 

Get out there and sell that stock

Despite all their slick ads, amazing footage and market-leading popularity, it’s tough times for action-cam icon GoPro. Even tho GoPro just released the new 4K Hero 5 camera and the well-received Karma drone, GoPro stock cratered yesterday following a dismal earnings report. Overall, the stock has plunged nearly 30 percent. So, what’s the problem? Competition, mostly.

Having pioneered the action cam segment, GoPro now finds itself competing with big players like Sony, Garmin, Olympus and others. The Karma drone was supposed to be GoPro’s breakout expansion product, and while reviews of the quadcopter have been very positive, many early customers are upset over shipping delays due to demand. What’s next, then? We’ll have to see if the Karma and Hero cameras are enough to save the company in the next quarter.

The frenemy deal that we all support

Here’s today’s odd pairing: Netflix, the cable-cord-cutters icon of independence, will soon be available in a most unlikely place: on cable. That’s right, Netflix is coming to Comcast next week, following a deal they inked with the cable giant earlier this year. You’ll need one of those fancy X1 Comcast cable boxes to access it, but once logged in, you can search through the offerings and even record content to your X1 DVR.

You can also use the X1 voice commands to launch the service and search for your favorite show or movie. It’s just one more step in Netflix CEO Reed Hastings master plan to take over the entertainment world.

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