Roku rolls out new streaming boxes for cable-cutters, takes aim at Chromecast

Roku raises its streaming game to Ultra levels

Original streaming box maker Roku has just refreshed their lineup of cable-cutting streaming players. One highlight: they’ve taken aim at Google’s popular Chromecast device with a new and improved streaming stick called the Express, a 30-dollar device that’s essentially a full-fledged Roku box shrunk down to the HDMI stick form factor. You can control it with the included remote or with the Roku smartphone app.

From there, Roku returns to its hockey-puckish form factor all the way up to the 130-dollar Roku Ultra, which includes 4K HDR video capability, a micro-SD card slot, optical audio output, an Ethernet port, voice recognition and that clever headphone jack built into the remote so you can binge-watch all night without disturbing others. We’ve got the scoop on all the new Roku devices, so hit the link below for all the new details and prices.

Jet Black is the new Rose Gold – if you can find it

Been thinking about buying that slick new Jet Black iPhone? Well, get in line and be prepared to wait. Currently, the shiniest of iPhones is sold out and if you order one now, be prepared to wait into November for delivery. Why so long? According to tech watchdog KGI Securities, it’s pretty difficult to make the shiny Jet Black casings, with as much as 30 to 40 percent of production being rejected by Apple for not meeting quality standards.

Also, the color option is popular, adding to production pressures and stock shortages. Want to know where they’re in stock – if anywhere? We’ve got a link can help.

Capturing life 10 seconds at a time

Snapchat has officially become Snap Inc., because, well, they want to be known for more than just a fun photo sharing app; they are also rolling out some interesting photo-sharing hardware.

Check out Snap Inc’s Spectacles, a pair of fun-in-the-sun sunglasses that also feature a built-in camera for recording those precious first-person snippets of daily life, like skateboarding and the adventures of your young ones. At just 130 bucks – and no invitation required – Google Glass they ain’t. Snap’s Spectacles also have this little LED ring that lights up when it’s recording, so you know when you’re on camera. And hey, they’re pretty stylish, in a millennial sort of way.

Spectacles are going to be available soon in three color options, and we’re interested to see what Snap Inc. comes up with next. We’ve got the rest of the day’s tech news at Digital Trends dot com, thanks for watching and we’ll see you again tomorrow.

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