Samsung reports robust pre-orders for Galaxy S8 smartphone

What Note 7 fiasco?

It looks like Samsung has a hit on their hands with the new Galaxy S8 smartphone, if pre-order data is an indication. BGR reports that early figures show strong demand for the S8, with Samsung saying early orders are far outpacing previous pre-order numbers for the S7 and other top-of-the-line phones. Exact numbers weren’t released, but BGR said an official told them that over 725,000 preorders were placed in South Korea alone.

Another key data point: many people are ordering the 128gb model, even though the price is over $1,000 each. Looks like not everyone is big on that “keep all your stuff in the cloud” concept quite yet. The Galaxy S8 is set to arrive in retail store on April 21st.

10…9….8…. uh, wait a sec….

Excited for Jeff Bezo’s blue Origin sub-orbital space flights? Well, take your protein pill and put your helmet on, and don’t forget to visit the rest room before boarding.

Tech Times is reporting that Jeff Bezos told a recent symposium that there won’t be any, uh, “facilities” on board the spacious crew capsules that will take well-heeled thrill-seekers on an 11-minute sub-orbital free-fall for around 200 grand a ticket. 11 minutes, no big deal right? Well, that doesn’t include the 30 or so minutes passengers will sit strapped into their seats on top of a highly-explosive rocket as the tension builds ahead of blast-off.

Oh, that might make you nervous? Well, some people do have to “go” when they get nervous, so we hope some of those infamous NASA astronaut diapers are tucked under the seats.

My watch just said to eat a Twix

Apple CEO Tim Cook has made it clear with software like HealthKit and the Apple Watch that he wants to bring more medical monitoring capabilities to Apple products, and now CNBC is reporting Cupertino is working hard on developing a device that would be a boon to those with diabetes: a needle-free through-the-skin method to measure blood glucose. Diabetics must prick their skin daily at the least and use a small blood sugar analyzer to check their levels.

CNBC says a 30-member team has been working on the problem, and while you might assume the eventual tech could end up in the Apple Watch, that may not be the case – at least, not yet. The Apple Watch would have to be FDA approved, which is an arduous process that doesn’t quite fit the schedule of the rapidly evolving smartwatch tech. Instead, Apple may be developing a stand-alone medical device of some sort, or a software-driven solution.

Whatever happens with the research, it looks like more and more medical diagnostic and reporting features will be heading for our watches and phones in the very near future.

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