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Tech Briefs: Samsung’s 5G, food delivery consolidation, Disney+

On this episode of Tech Briefs, Greg Nibler and Pavi Dinamani dive into the biggest technology stories of the past week to help make sense of what they mean and how they affect us, including news on 5G’s effect on gaming, food delivery consolidation, and “The Hamilton Effect” on Disney+.

As we rapidly approach the widespread deployment of 5G, it won’t only be the internet and streaming video that get a boost. The world of gaming is also set for a big change with Samsung Galaxy 5G. 5G offers low latency and faster response times over traditional wifi or 4G networks, and because devices like the Galaxy S20 5G or the new Galaxy A71 5G are untethered, people can take the gaming speed of 5G from wherever they are instead of having to be wired to their homes. 5G also opens the door for fully immersive VR and 8K streaming, the possibilities of which will explode with the speed and reliability of the 5G network.

Another industry that is growing at a rapid pace is the food delivery industry. Recently Uber bought Postmates for $2.65 billion dollars, and other players like Doordash and Grubhub/JustEatTakeaway have consolidated, which is a sign of the changing way we order takeout in the time of quarantine. It’s hard to say how the consolidation in this area will play out long-term, and as of now Uber plans to keep Postmates as a separate entity, but there is a clear desire to compete with businesses like Instacart.

We then turn from delivery to Disney and the remarkable success of Hamilton, which started streaming on Disney+. Originally scheduled for release in October 2021, Disney moved up the release date on July 3. From Friday to Sunday, the Disney+ app was downloaded over 750,000 times globally, including just under 500,000 downloads in the United States — 74% higher than the downloads from June of this year. It remains to be seen whether other streaming services will try similar tactics of buying or releasing movies earlier to compensate for some of the losses felt in movie theaters, but the success of Hamilton played an important part in Disney+’s growth, and other industry players are paying attention.

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No. 1: Changing the way we store IDs
The expansion of 5G will change the way we store our personal identification, as Google and Qualcomm have announced a partnership that will allow you to store your driver’s license on your phone, safely and securely. As every aspect of our lives become interconnected, we use our phones for everything from payments to directions to schedules, so we’re not far off from the day where a 5G phone is the only thing in our pockets.
No. 2: 5G will break down communication barriers
With the speeds and processing that 5G is set to bring, communication barriers of all kinds are set to fall. 5G will allow for instant, simultaneous, cross-language translation between people, as showcased during the summit with a person speaking Mandarin having their speech translated in written form in both Mandarin and English with almost no latency. The A.I. not only transcribes what you say, but can read it back with your voice and speech pattern, which is important because much of language and communication depends on how you say something, not just what you say.
No. 3: Snapdragon will make social media better
Because of the processing of 5G devices and networks, social media cameras and filters will work with blazing speed. Facial-mapping, lenses, and more will work with speed and efficiency not before seen with older networks.
No. 4: 5G will make us better photographers
As cameras in phones have gotten better, we’ve all become better photographers. But the promise of 5G network and devices will exponentially change the way we take and share photographs. From phones with up to five cameras built in, to A.I. that can process the focusing, lenses, and images in real time, not to mention the explosion of 4K and 8K video, cameras and photography are about to enter a new golden age.
No. 5: Gaming will change forever
Cloud gaming and mobile gaming will also see major boosts with 5G. From Google Stadia to Fortnite, gaming that isn't tethered to a console, but piped to our devices with 5G will level the playing field for gamers who don’t have the latest desktop gaming PC.
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