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Tweet that TD: Twitter scores deal to stream Thursday night NFL games

‘Flexible’ Apple iPad with OLED screen in 2018?

As we count down the days to the next big Apple event next month, more rumors, this time about future iPads, have popped up. According to 9 to 5 Mac, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo at Taiwan-based KGI Securities, who has a very strong record of accuracy when it comes to what Apple is up to, says Tim Cook and team are about to reshuffle the iPad lineup.

New models may include a 12.9-inch iPad Pro “2”, a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, and a new, low-cost 9.7 inch iPad.

But the really interesting prediction is that Apple may introduce a flexible iPad with an OLED screen in 2018. Along with those features, Kuo predicts the 2018 models will have a radical redesign, including big changes to the user interface. Will all these predictions come to pass? Maybe, maybe not, but 2018 just got a bit more exciting.

Colorful new OS under development at Google?

What’s going on over at Google? Some fishing around in GitHub and elsewhere has turned up code that appears to be the basis of a new operating system, dubbed Fuchsia. And no, this isn’t the next version of Android, either, it’s something completely new, and by the looks of it, a ways away from being complete.

According to Hacker News, two guys who worked on BeOS and other operating systems are involved, and speculation about what Fuchsia may be for range from an OS for Internet of Things devices, to a mashup of Android and Chrome operating systems. Google said they have no comment about it right now, so we’ll keep an eye on it for you.

Twitter’s NFL deal brings Thursday Night Lights to your phone

It’s mid-August and for many people, that’s when their football itch starts to get really… itchy. Well, Twitter is going to help you scratch that itch this year, with a deal in place to livestream 10 NFL Thursday night games. The first game you can twitter stream will be the September 15th contest between the Bills and Jets, and there is some chatter that Apple TV users might be able to stream the games on their TVs using the Twitter app. But… we’ll see.

What the NFL/Twitter streaming experience will look like exactly is still a bit unclear, but the New York Times offered up a rendering, which clearly shows the ability to tweet away during game time, of course. Twitter is also reportedly in talks with Major League Soccer (MLS) and the PGA for even more sporting event streaming down the line.

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