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Verizon weighing options regarding Yahoo! buyout after hack incident

For Sale: Legacy internet company, only been hacked once (maybe)

In the wake of the Yahoo hack revelation, is Verizon getting cold feet about buying the company? Maybe. According to the New York Times, Verizon may be looking to re-negotiate the nearly $5 billion original price tag they agreed to pay for the internet icon.

It was only disclosed last month that Yahoo had lost its grip on the data for 500 million users back in 2014, and Verizon’s legal team says that may be just cause for a discount. How much of a discount? The figure of a billion dollars has been kicked around, but truthfully, no one really knows. If Yahoo had to, say, give every hacking victim financial records monitoring, just that step could cost billions.

I saw it online so it must be true: Hillary will name Elvis to V.P. post

In case you missed it, it’s election season. And if there was ever an election season that needed some fact checking, it’s this one. Now, google News has introduced just such a service, creatively named Fact Check.

Well, it’s more of a label than a service, really, so just look for the little Fact Check tab under stories in your news feed, both on your PC and mobile device. Click on it and you’ll get more information about the issue in question and… the facts behind it. Fact checking has actually become somewhat of a mini online industry as of late, but seeing how anything can be political, I’m sure we’ll have people fact checking the fact checkers anytime now.

Imagine if a Fry’s store were a whole city

Many of our electronic items come from China, and the city of Shenzhen is perhaps the largest epicenter of the manufacturing and moving of electronics in that country. DT’s Joshua Bateman, who lives in Taiwan, recently needed a battery and charger for a camcorder he got on eBay, so he headed to the bustling metropolis of ten million people to track it down.

His tour of the city and it’s colorful characters in search of a 5-dollar item is a great read, and an interesting look into the city where a lot of our tech toys come from. Who makes them? How do they get here? You’ll be surprised at what he finds. Hit this link for his story.

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