A flexible iPhone 8 and Microsoft’s heavy handed installer

It’s Friday October 16th and our Apple rumor mill today is skipping ahead by just a few years for a sneek peek at the iPhone 8. This would be the one released in 2018, reportedly with a foldable screen. One report says both Samsung and LG have ‘perfected’ a viable production version, complete with a body to match. So to put foldable tech in everyone’s hands, Apple would have to rely on suppliers, who are also competitors.

And the question is will LG and Samsung unveil this tech on their own smartphones before making screens for others? If Apple wants a foldable iPhone in three years time, some serious negotiations will have to take place.

It’s no secret that Microsoft is encouraging as many users as possible to upgrade to Windows 10 but, it seems a software glitch is pressuring some users who haven’t yet made the jump.

Windows 10 is an optional update, but the Windows Update tool has reportedly been downloading the package automatically, without consent from the user. On top of that, some users are claiming that their systems are now automatically firing up the installer. Microsoft is working to correct the issue, but needless to say Windows 7 and 8 users should beware. That’s DT Daily for this week, we’ll see you on Monday.