Apple goes back to basics with new ‘iPad,’ iPhone 7 gets new (RED) treatment

I’ll take the iPad. You know, THE iPAD…

While you were asleep, Apple quietly reshuffled their iPad and iPhone lineup. The iPad Air 2 is gone, replaced by a new 9.7-inch model known simply as “the iPad.” The new iPad features a high-resolution retina screen and the speedy A9 processor, along with a base price of just $329 for the basic 32gb model with wi-fi only. Cellular data service and more memory up the price, of course.

In the iPhone lineup, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus get the Product (RED) treatment, with proceeds going to the global fight against AIDS. There are also Product (RED) options for the Beats Pill speakers and Beats Solo 3 headphones among other bits, like cases and such. And the surprising popular retro iPhone SE gets two memory options, with 32gb and 128gb variations joining the original 64 gig offering. Hit the link here for more information on the latest from Apple.

Shoot it, Clip it, share it

More Apple news, this time in the Apps department. Cupertino will soon debut an app called “Clips” that is designed for quick, on-the-go editing of videos destined for social media. Some cool features: you can dictate captions while you’re recording your video. Apple’s built-in voice recognition system will then type out the words for you. You also have background music options that self-adjust to the length of your video.

If you’re thinking that Clips looks a bit Snapchatish, it does, but that’s the idea of course. Clips hits the App store in April.

Ride every mountain…

If you’ve ever stared at the vertical slopes on the side of a tall mountain and thought, “hmmm… I wonder how fast I could go on my mountain bike if I just dropped in from the top?” Well, we’d like you to meet daredevil Eric Barone.

Barone, sporting a very spiffy helmet and slippery red body suit, just broke the speed record for maximum velocity on a mountain bike by riding his highly customized cycle down the side of a mountain in the French Alps. And who’s record did he break? Well, his own, of course. Barone hit an astounding 141 miles per hour in what was essentially a free-fall down the mountain with the barest of traction, breaking his old mark of 138 miles per hour from  2015.

Barone is no stranger to pulling off dangerous stunts. He’s a stuntman who’s worked with Stalone and Van Damme, but he’s also been setting bicycle speed records since the 1990s. During a record attempt in 2002, Barone crashed, breaking ribs and suffering numerous other injuries. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard from the man known as the Red Baron. Way to go, Eric. Go here for the full story and video.