AT&T is bringing back its unlimited data plan, but there’s a catch |DT Daily

It looks like the unlimited data plan long-time AT&T customers covet is making a comeback, but there’s a catch, of course. If you subscribe to AT&T’s DirecTV Satellite or U-Verse Cable service, the wireless carrier has an unlimited data plan for you. The deal will be made available to new and existing customers starting tomorrow, and it includes all the data, talk, and text you manage for $100 per month.

A second and third phone on the plan will run you $40 each, but the fourth one’s free. Don’t go over 22GB in a month though, or AT&T will probably choose to throttle you at peak service hours. Now, this could be a one-off deal intended to pull in a bunch of new customers both to AT&T’s wireless service AND to DirecTV and U-Verse, but it could be a sign that AT&T is going to join the rest of the wireless world and finally offer an unlimited plan. We’ll know soon.

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The Occulus Rift went on pre-order last week and we now know one of its biggest competitors, the HTC Vive, will be going up for pre-order on February 29th, perhaps in an effort to get a leap on the rest of the VR competition. See what we did there? Cuz it’s a leap year! Anyway, we still don’t know how much the Vive is going to cost, and that’s kind of a big deal because the Rift is going to run a fairly stiff $600. If HTC is smart, they’ll undercut the Rift a bit.

On the other hand, thought, HTC can use all the money it can get. The company’s smartphone division has been bleeding bread and, according to The Telegraph, HTC has stated it is turning its focus to VR, which isn’t an explicit statement that it’s quitting smartphones, but … well, it’s likely. The Vive will ship in April, while the Occulus Rift is slated to ship March 28. We went hands on with the Vive at CES 2016, and you can read all about our impressions at the link below.

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Speaking of CES and VR: While at the massive show, Digital Trends was hard at work producing exclusive 360-degree Virtual Reality video of some of the most interesting displays on the floor. Crawl inside Volkswagen’s concept electric Microbus with DT’s Nick Mokey, and explore the inside of Chevy’s new Bolt EV, which also happens to be our Top Tech of CES grand prize winner.

If you’ve got a pair of VR Goggles, use those for the most immersive experience, but anyone can watch on a smart phone through our Facebook page, and twirl and tilt your way around the scene or use your mouse to drag your way through the 360 degree environment. It’s fun and informative, and it’s just the first of three such videos we’re preparing, so visit back to see what else we’re stitching up. We think you’re gonna dig it.