DT Daily: Blackberry buyout rumor, friendly A.I. push, Corvette Z06 review

Today on DT Daily: Blackberry denies they were in Samsung’s shopping cart, Elon Musk invests in friendly A.I., and we step on the gas in the new Corvette Z-06.

So, it’s still not entirely clear what, if anything, went on between struggling smartphone maker Blackberry and Korean electronics titan Samsung. Is someone getting bought here or what?

Usually reliable news outlet Reuters said Wednesday that anonymous peoples told them that Samsung was willing to pony up for a stock buyout that would have made Blackberry worth over seven billion dollars. But a short time later, Blackberry said they hadn’t gotten such and offer, and then, Samsung said no such offer had been made. Meanwhile, Blackberry’s stock spiked 30 percent on the news-slash-rumor. Hmmm… shennaingans…

Blackberry CEO John Chen seems to have righted the ship lately with the oddball Passport smartphone and the new Classic model, complete with that old-school keyboard, but seven billion dollars? Do that many people still want to break a nail sending out text messages?

Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk is back in the news on the experimental artificial intelligence computing front.

Musk and several other leading big thinkers, including physicist Stephen Hawking, have signed an open letter telling A.I. researchers that whatever silicon-based digital life forms they come up with had better be friendly, and not the kind that develops time-traveling robots in their quest to wipe out humanity.

Musk has also pledged 10 million dollars to jumpstart happy-faced A.I. efforts, saying he’d like to see A.I. take over mundane tasks for humanity, rather than, say, enslave it or use it as a food source.

If you’ve got a few hundred thousand dollars in spare change in your Gucci jeans, you’re probably shopping for a supercar in your spare time… which is probably all the time.

So here’s a tip: save a bunch of that dough and just buy the new Corvette Z-06. DT car guy Basem Wasef recently took a drive in the supercharged, 650-horsepower Chevy halo car, and he’s got a lot of nice things to say about it. So what’s a car cost that can do zero to 60 in under 3 seconds while swaddling you in sumptuous comfort? An affordable $79,000. Check our Wasef’s full driving adventure here.

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