DT Daily: Foxconn working overtime, Note 4 preorders, 360 degree HD camera

Despite the 200,000 plus workers assembling Apple’s new iPhones, it appears Foxconn is struggling to cope with demand. According to a Wall Street Journal report Wednesday, manufacturing two different-sized iPhones is turning out to be a particularly complicated process for Foxconn. Even though it has around 100 production lines operating 24 hours a day, the Taiwan-based manufacturer is reportedly having trouble keeping up with demand. Apple said it took 4 million pre-orders for the new iPhone last Friday, a company record for first-day sales. It’s not known how many more have been ordered in the six days since then, but it’s safe to say Foxconn’s workers won’t be resting up anytime soon.

Possibly looking to capitalize on that long wait time for the new iPhone 6 plus, Samsung is now taking pre-orders for the latest version of its phablet, the Note 4. It keeps the same 5.7 inch screen size as its predecessor, but resolution takes a step up with a Quad HD Super AMOLED display. The 16 megapixel camera is also improved, now featuring optical image stabilization. The only pricing information available for the note 4 is coming from T mobile, with an unsubsidized price of about 750 dollars. So about the same as the iPhone 6 plus. The Note 4 will be in stores October 17, which again is about when you’ll be able to get your hands on an iPhone 6 plus.

At first glance, this looks like the first smart blender to appear on Kickstarter. But all daiquiri jokes aside, it’s actually a 360 degree HD video camera. It’s called the Joey, and it records everything around into one seamless image. The 13 megapixel sensor works in conjunction with special software to create panoramic images that can be can be shared online through a cloud service. It’s designed for professional use, teleconferencing and livestreaming. Joey is also being used to create content for the oculus rift. A 750 dollar pledge will get you an early bird deal on the Joey, with delivery expected at the end of this year.