DT Daily: Google Glass isn’t dead after all

Reports in January of the end of Google’s Glass Explorer program apparently didn’t signal the demise of Glass. Executive chairman Eric Schmidt told the Wall street journal that Glass is alive and well. Nest CEO Tony Fadell has been installed as the new head of the program, and the project has been moved into a standalone unit. Schmidt says that work is being done to, “make it ready for users”.

“It is a big and very fundamental platform for Google,” Schmidt said. “We ended the Explorer program and the press conflated this into us canceling the whole project, which isn’t true. Google is about taking risks and there’s nothing about adjusting Glass that suggests we’re ending it.”

So it looks like we’ll see a more consumer ready Glass 2.0, possibly later this year. If this is a complete overhaul to make the controversial specs more inconspicuous, still remains to be seen.