DT Daily: Holographic non-touchscreen, bright bike lights, retro Star Wars gaming

Today on DT Daily: A touch screen that that you don’t touch, light up the night with these amazing bike lights, and get ready for some retro Star Wars gaming on the cheap.

We live in a world run by touch screens, from our phones to ATMs to computers. But the problem with touch screens is that, well, you have to touch them.

And that’s a good way to spread germs, among other issues. So some students at the University of Tokyo have come up with the HaptoMime display. It uses a hologram generator and infrared sensors to translate your finger pointing into motions on the display. It’s hard to tell in the video, but the screen isn’t being touched. Also, the system provides haptic feedback to users by using small forced air currents.

It’s not ready for production yet, but this kind of tech could be coming to screens we don’t like to touch in the near future, like an ATM, or a display in an operating room.

Bicycling is a way of life here in Portland and elsewhere, and bike lights have changed from glorified flashlights to the lightweight, high-output LED devices we use today.

But a kickstarter project is looking to take the lowly bike light to a whole new level. A Seattle cyclist and electrical engineer has created the Orfos Flare lights, and the main idea is to be able to see the road ahead and be seen by… well everyone nearby. Or from space. These things are really bright.

But rather than being focused, the Flare’s light is very diffused, so it looks like you’re riding on a pillow of red and white light. Plus, they attach using magnets. They’re waterproof to 50 feet as some scuba footage shows, and they charge up from a USB port. A set of Flares will require a $229 pledge, but in the world of high-end bike lights, that’s cheap.

Ready for some old-school video gaming? And we don’t mean Pac Man or Pong, we’re talking awesome Star Wars games from the 1990s!

Good Old Games has struck a deal to host content from Disney Interactive, and that means two vintage beloved Star Wars games, 1993’s X-Wing and 1994’s T.I.E. Fighter, are now available for your PC – but not for the Mac. Each game is just $10, and more are popping up all the time, including classic Indiana Jones games and even Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic.

We tried X-Wing and TIE fighter here at DT, and they play great and aren’t easy, so we’re sorry if there’s a sudden slowdown of news getting posted to the site. We’re busy…

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