Mac malware goes undetected for over 5 years, can take over webcams and record keystrokes

Security researchers just discovered a strain of malware that’s been infecting Macs for over 5 years. The malware is called Fruitfly and it’s similar to a strain discovered in January, but this one is much more dangerous. Fruitfly can take over webcams, record keystrokes, capture screenshots, and gather information from other devices on an infected computer’s network. The new version of Fruitfly has also infected a much larger number of Macs than the first one.

What’s shocking is how long Fruitfly has gone undetected. It isn’t a very sophisticated program, but apparently researchers weren’t looking for something this crude. The good news is that as of today, many of the top malware detection services are already offering protection from Fruitfly.

One month ago Nintendo unveiled the SNES Classic Edition, and the rush to pre-order the popular console has already had one false start. Last Friday, Walmart opened up pre-orders for the SNES Classic. Then as you’d expect, they all sold out. But all those fans who thought they were lucky enough to have secured a console… well, all their pre-orders were abruptly canceled. According to Walmart, a ‘website error’ caused the pre-order page to go live a week early. Obviously angry customers gave Walmart an earful on this one, but Walmart is sticking to the “oops, sorry for the mixup” explanation.

The SNES Classic will come bundled with 21 games including Super Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, and the previously unreleased Star Fox 2. Expect pre-orders to start up in the next week or so, and the $80 console should start shipping September 29.

How would you like it if your robotic vacuum uploaded a map of your house to Google or Apple? That’s the idea iRobot’s CEO is floating, and it’s all in the name of making your home smarter. Top of the line Roomba vacuums use mapping technology to remember where furniture and walls are, so the idea is that this data could help users get more from other smart devices, or augmented reality headsets. iRobot is hoping to reach a deal in the next few years with Amazon, Apple, or Google to share this data, but it says that will only happen with the user’s permission.