DT Daily: Phone project called Shamu? Microsoft’s tasty charging project, fox eats a GoPro

Today on DT Daily: The next Nexus phone gets a whale of codename, Microsoft veges out with a Lumia smartphone, and what does the fox eat? GoPro cameras, apparently.

Google could be working with their old friends at Motorola on the next Nexus smartphone, if the latest rumors turn out to be on the money.

Apparently codename Shamu, the phone which may end up being the sixth in the long-running Nexus series, could have a massive 5.9-inch screen, and feature a fingerprint sensor for added security. However, this isn’t set in stone, and there are doubts not only with Shamu’s existence (just to clarify, we mean the phone, not the killer whale), but also with the fate of the Nexus program itself.
Shamu could hit the Splash Zone this November, if the rumors are correct, and we’ll have to wait and see if it’ll surface as Google’s low-price, big spec phone line’s final performance. Maybe it’ll be waterproof?

So, what happens when Microsoft challenges someone to come up with an ingenious way to charge up a Lumia 930 smartphone?

When you’re multimedia artist Caleb Charland, you end up hand building a wall with 800 potatoes and apples mounted on it, then put it on display in the center of London. The giant, organic battery was used to charge up not only the Lumia, but smartphones owned by curious passers-by too. Just in case you’ve forgotten you high school science classes, electricity can be generated by using an acidic fruit or vegetable, a few galvanized nails, and some copper wire. Charland’s display took those experiments to the next level, and left many surprised the contents of their kitchen could potentially power their smartphone. While not very practical for everyday use, if Microsoft and Charland’s art-meets-science installation succeeds in getting more people to talk about interesting, sustainable energy resources, then it will have been worth it.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be eaten by a fox – and let’s face it, who hasn’t – then we’ve got our answer, thanks to an intrepid wildlife photographer on YouTube, and a brave little GoPro camera.

The GoPro camera was set up on the off chance of capturing some close-up animal shots, but one particular fox decided the GoPro looked like a tasty snack, and gave eating it a try.

The footage captured is unusual, and more than a bit gross, as foxy gives the camera a good chew and lick. After realizing the GoPro wouldn’t cure its hunger pangs, the fox abandoned the camera, leading it to be recovered by its owner. Apparently, the camera needed some minor repairs after its ordeal, but more importantly, the fox is fine, and is probably enjoying its moment in the viral video spotlight.