DT Daily: Samsung S6 camera tech, NASA’s Titan submarine, new VR View-Master

Today on DT Daily: Samsung ramps up expectations for the Galaxy S6, NASA wants to build a submarine and Mattel rolls out a new View-Master for the Internet age.

Outside of the iPhone, few handsets can manage as much pre-release hype as a new Samsung Galaxy, the firm’s flagship phone. The newest iteration, the S6, is coming soon, and word is, it’ll have some serious cameras built in.

In 2005, NASA landed a little probe on Titan, Saturn’s biggest moon. It sniffed around and took some photos, revealing rocks and whole oceans of liquid methane. Now, NASA wants to send a whole submarine there.

We talked about a Mattel-Google View-Master mashup earlier, and now, Mattel has taken the wraps off a prototype device, and it looks pretty cool! Mattel says the new View-Master will work with Apple and Android devices, and should sell for 30 bucks.