Experience a VR rollercoaster, the airplane of the future, and more at CES 2016 | DT Daily

CES is all about bringing people and tech together. 150,000 people pack the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, clamoring to see all the bright spectacles the tech companies have to show off. What happens, in the end, is a melding of ideas and experiences.

There’s nothing more immersive than virtual reality, and Samsung built a virtual roller coaster at CES 2016. Combine Gear VR headsets with seats that pitch and roll in time with the VR video and you’d swear you were on a wooden roller coaster.

Panasonic has a vision of luxury air travel in the not too distant future that includes a custom traveler profile which will let flight attendants know your tastes before you even get on the plane. Beverage, entertainment, and food will all be tailored to your needs, without you having to ask for a thing.

Speaking of a custom experience. A company called Tonly lets you customize the sound you hear in a pair of headphones in a very unique way. After a short sound test where you let the app know what you hear, an EQ profile is created that enhances frequencies to better match music to your ears.

And finally, we get a workout on a stationary exercise bike parked in front of a 110″ TV. CES can’t be all play, can it?