Apple is working on a wireless charging solution for iPhone | DT Daily

Facebook live streaming is now available to Apple device owners in the U.S. Facebook didn’t make a big deal about the release – which may seem odd, considering it’s kind of a big deal to go head-to-head with Periscope – but if you go to update your status, you may notice a little blue notification and a new icon showing that you can live stream yourself and whatever you’re doing directly to your Facebook feed and to whomever chooses to follow you.

There’s also a separate section for live comments, and the video will be archived for others to watch when you’re done. It’s kind of fun, and you’re definitely going to notice people playing around with it this weekend. I, for instance, live streamed the taping of this show, which you can see in the video above.

If Apple has its way, you may be wirelessly charging your iPhone sooner than you think.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on a “long distance” wireless charging solution which would mean you wouldn’t have to place the phone on a charging mat, you’d just need to be within range of a charging station.

No more flimsy charging cables going kaput when you need them most, no more searching for a wall outlet or USB port, just move within range and go about your business while your phone juices up all by itself. You might not even need to take it out of your pocket — which sounds a little sketchy, actually. Don’t expect to get this functionality in the new iPhone 7 coming out later this year, though. Bloomberg’s unnamed source suggested we won’t see this feature until 2017.

Remember that guy who just happened to be in the right place at the right time when Google’s own domain name registration expired? His name is Sanmay Ved, and on a whim he successfully scooped up the domain out from under Google for just $12.00. Of course, Google realized this right away – it actually took exactly 1 minute — and cancelled his order, then sent Sanmay an email with a notice that his purchase had been refunded.

But, Google later decided to reward Sanmay for calling attention to the bug. And while the reward itself was known about, exactly how much Sanmay got was not disclosed … until now.

In a post on its security Blog, Google disclosed that Sanmay received $6006.13 which, if you squint a little bit, spells out Google in numerals.

That’s super cute, Google. And I’m sure Sanmay, a college student in Boston, is probably pretty grateful.

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