Hello modular Moto? Motorola’s new Z2 phone has a magnetic personality

Pocketful of modules

There’s lots of smartphone news today, so let’s get right to it. One of the most anticipated new phones to hit the market lately has been the Motorola Z2 Force, and it’s noteworthy because it’s the follow up to the Moto Z, one of the first mass market “modular” cell phones. You know, phones you can add stuff to, like better cameras and more battery power and so on.

So the big question of course: what exactly can you add to it? High-performance cameras are the most high-profile “Moto Mods,” as they call them, with both a 360-degree rig and dedicated pocket-camera style module from Hasselblad no less, featuring a 10-power optical zoom and all sorts of manual controls. But, there’s also a JBL-designed speaker pack, an add-on battery pack, a little projector and gaming controllers as well.

And the way they attach to the camera is pretty cool as well: just get the mods close to the phone and magnets take care of the rest. Pretty slick. But the big question of course: Is it a good phone? DT’s Mobile maestro Julian Chokkattu put the Motorola Z2 Force through its paces and has the full review.

It also makes calls

Speaking of phones with over-the–top cameras, feature film camera maker RED is getting ready to invade the phone space with its Hydrogen One handset. Red has been pretty mum on the handset so far, but YouTuber Marques Brownlee apparently has friends at the company and was able to check out a pre-production model on video.

Takeaways? It’s an interesting phone to be sure, with 3D display tech that he says is still in development and, like the Motorola Z2 Force, a system of modular add-ons that will likely be centered around pro-level photo and video production. The phone will also be able to integrate with other Red products for use as a video display or control panel when connected to one of their pro-level cameras. That’s pretty smart.

Rumor has it the phone will start at 1200 bucks for the basic model, with upgrades including a titanium case and other goodies for more cash. RED says they hope to have the phone ready to roll early next year.

Movie screen in your pocket

And finally, our friends over at Android Police say LG is bringing back the OLED display goodness on their upcoming V30 smartphone.

The phone is expected to have a big 6-inch, 18 by 9 aspect ratio 1440P full-on OLED display, which sounds absolutely perfect for those late-night movie sessions in bed with some headphones on. Heck, we don’t even care if doesn’t make phone calls at this point. Apple, that iPhone 8 better be good! No word just yet on when the V30 will arrive, so stay tuned.

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