Are you sure you want to buy one of these hoverboards that totally aren’t hoverboards? | DT Daily

You might want to think again if  you’ve been considering grabbing one of those  so-called Hoverboards – which totally aren’t hoverboards AT ALL, people, come one! – as they’re creating a lot of controversy lately. First off, aside from not being anything like an actual hoverboard, The UK says many of them are a fire risk.

Which is bad. Your tech should not catch fire, folks — and it seems like that’s happening a lot lately, too. But besides being banned in the UK, you best not get caught riding one in Mecca, Germany, Britain, or New York, either on sidewalks, public streets, or both. Indeed, there’s nothing mini about the hate for these mini-segways; or swagways as some wannabe hipsters are calling them.

So, in case you weren’t aware, buying one for your kid – or yourself – could be the best or worst thing you do this year. Good luck navigating that decision.

Next, The Android Army nation is getting restless over rumors that Android co-founder, Andy Rubin, is interested in making a smartphone that runs the operating system he helped create.

After selling the rights to Android off to Google, Rubin joined the Internet Titan for a while before jumping ship in 2013. He then started up an incubator, called Playground, which has apparently raised over $300 million, and it is this company that could facilitate the creation of the new phone, be it as a stand-alone company, or with Rubin lending his expertise to an existing technology firm.

Apparently, this is an idea Rubin has been kicking around for a while … he just hasn’t been able to put the pieces together. Why is this so exciting? Well, some feel an Android phone made by the dude that made … Android, could be pretty sweet. Some feel that way. And we’re betting you iPhone owners aren’t among them.

And finally, since you haven’t gotten enough Star Wars news ahead of the new movie’s opening in a couple of weeks, we know you need to see this fun little video, which shows each and every vehicle that has ever appeared in a Star Wars movie, in order of size, and at scale. Someone took the time to put this together, and I think it may have taken a while. I mean, just the fact that they knew all the names of these crafts is pretty impressive.

Did you know the Void Spider TX-3 Air Taxi was a thing? We did not. Also, enjoy the ragtime piano version of the cantina song, because that is a jam.

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