IMAX is bringing an ultra-premium VR experience to its theaters

Google’s self-driving cars have a pretty clean accident record – there’s only been a couple of mishaps in millions of driverless miles – but there will no doubt be a few human-involved collisions once the fleet is deployed. In an apparent effort to help minimize traumatic injuries in such an accident, a recently filed patent indicates Google might use super-sticky car hoods which would effectively trap a hit pedestrian like a fly on fly-paper.

It sounds like a really odd tactic – because it is – but some experts are suggesting it could actually help reduce injuries. The idea is to prevent an accident victim from being further injured by hitting the ground, or getting struck by another car. Google will not confirm whether this design will actually be implemented, and, frankly, Google patents stuff all the time without necessarily intending to use it.

But if the so-called human flypaper were to be implemented, it’s hard not to imagine it would also trap … well, actual flies, and tons of other bugs and debris for that matter. We’re hoping this one stays stuck in the blueprints.

The next time you head to an IMAX theater, it could be to enjoy a new flick in … VR? Yes, it turns out IMAX – known for its massive screens, huge and sound systems — is looking to downsize its experience while making it just as impressive, if not more so.

IMAX is working with a company called Starbreeze, to make “premium, destination-based VR experiences” that will get you off the couch and into their theaters where, presumably, you’ll also be grabbing one of their greasy $12 buckets of popcorn. Starbreeze, while not as familiar a name in VR as HTC or Occulus, makes an impressive ultra-wide field of view VR headset with a 5K display called the StarVR210. This will now be the official VR headset of IMAX.

It isn’t clear exactly what IMAX’s new VR experience might entail, and whether its more traditional large-scale screens will be involved, but it’s a safe bet that eating that bucket of popcorn while immersed in a VR universe will be tricky … and probably messy.

Finally, a little Friday fun. To up your ping pong game, look no further than the Trainerbot. Billed as the world’s first smart ping pong robot, the Trainerbot is a lot like the robot pitcher at a baseball batting cage, only this one is for Ping Pong, and it’s quite a bit smarter. Digital Trends met up with the one of the Trainerbot’s co-creators, Alexander Chen, and our own Ted Kritsonis learned the hard way just how skilled the smart pong bot really is.

Watch Kritsonis get schooled by the Trainerbot, and learn more more about this Kickstarter project by hitting the link to the story below.

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