Microsoft snaps up app maker Wand as spending spree rolls on

When you’re a company as big and as wealthy as Apple, it’s not surprising you have to fight off a lot of lawsuits claiming you stole this technology or copied that product. Usually, it’s Apple suing someone for copying their stuff. But minor Chinese phone maker 100-plus decided to give it a go, and now, thanks to that lawsuit, Chinese smartphone shoppers can no longer buy iPhone 6 models… in some places.

What exactly 100 Plus got so worked up about isn’t exactly clear. Their smartphone does look a bit like the iPhone 6, but so do about a thousand other phones on the market. Anyway, the Beijing Morning Post says the lawsuit is related to the design of the phone, and not to patents and such, which seems reasonable seeing how the 100C from 100 Plus is a 5.5-inch Android phone.

We’re sure a small platoon from Apple’s legal team is on the case, so check back soon for an update.


Mergers and acquisitions by Microsoft seem to be the theme lately. Following their buyout of LinkedIn, Microsoft says they’ve scooped up chat tech maker Wand, which makes a versatile chat app for iOS users, ironically.

So what’s the plan? InfoWorld says Redmond plans to plug the Wand team into creating ever more chatbots and virtual assistants like Cortana. Chatbots are the new hotness in tech, and Microsoft – among many others – is betting on a future where we talk to computers – either by text chat or using actual language – in much the same way we kvetch to that poor Comcast customer service agent about how Netflix keeps buffering.

So what’s next on Microsoft’s shopping list? Who knows, but maybe soon we can ask one of their press chatbots for a hint…


So, you having fun with your HTC Vive or Oculus Rift VR setup? We certainly are, but Team DT’s Andy Boxall just got a look at what VR will be like a few short years from now, and we’re happy to report it’s completely awesome.

If you thought strapping a current VR headset to your melon was a bit weird or dorky, then prepare yourself for the Infinitus Prime TVR headset. It’s massive! And, it packs 20K resolution. Andy reports that the stuff he saw in the headset – including some CGI space footage – was utterly realistic and convincing. The Prime features a 140-degree field of view, about 30 degrees wider than the Vive and Rift, which cuts down on having to move your head around.

And what kind of monster computer powers the Prime? How about a relatively off-the-shelf PC with a Core i5 engine – hardly exotic. Infinitus says their initial game plan was to make their next-level tech work while others provide content, but now they’re partnering up with a game maker and other content teams. All we know is that this glimpse of the future could be a serious game changer sooner than later.