Minecraft is coming to the Wii U on December 17 | DT Daily

The Wii U is getting a bit of a timely boost during this holiday shopping season. Nintendo has officially announced that Minecraft Wii U Edition is coming to its console this month. The insanely popular game is expected to run $30 bucks and will finally arrive on December 17. There are even rumors there could be Mario skins at some point in the future.

The Wii U could certainly use the attention, as its total sales currently trail the current number one selling console, Playstation 4, by over 10 million units.

How many tracks do you have in your music library? Well, if you happen to have more than 25,000, then you might be happy to learn that Apple has made good on its promise to increase its iCloud Music Library limit to 100,000 tracks. Apple’s Eddy Cue promised the bump would come by years’ end back in June, and it applies to both Apple Music and iTunes Match users. If 25,000 tracks sounds like a lot, you’d be surprised to learn that the limit was actually making Apple’s music locker a tough sell, due in part to stiff competition. Google Music, for instance, lets its non-paid customers store 50,000 tracks for free, while Amazon’s similar service gets you 250,000 tracks worth of storage for the same price as iTunes Match.

Finally, Spotify last week released data on what the world was listening to in 2015 … turns out there was a lot of Drake and a handful of artists with really bad hair. Now, the world’s most popular streaming service has a more personalized report which shows a bunch of interesting stats about what YOU listened to this year.

You get to find out what the first song you played was, your favorite songs, artists, and genres overall, top artists based on the season, total minutes of music listened to, and the total number of artists and songs played, just to start. The info may surprise you and your friends. Spotify has made it extremely easy to share your personalized report with your friends on social media.

And just to wrap it all up in a pretty package, Spotify also generates a special year-end playlist just for you based on the info … which is awesome, unless you share your Spotify account with, say, your 15-year old Stepson. In that sort of case you end up with an oddball mix of Yo Gotti, Miles Davis,  Meek Mill and Earth Wind and Fire. And it only gets weirder from there.

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