Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked spy shots: Is there a headphone jack?

Crunch time for Samsung’s mobile phone division

Some new spy shots could be the first for-real look at the upcoming Galaxy S8, the new flagship phone from Samsung, and kinda their first major release since the Note 7 debacle. The image was posted to Twitter by Venture Beat Mobile tech reporter Evan Blass, and close examination reveals that the phone does indeed have a headphone jack, and appears to trade juice and data with a USB-Type C connector.

The main display softly curves away and appears to have no side bezel, which is not unexpected given the company’s “Edge” series of phones. But the top and bottom bezel appear tiny indeed, meaning the biggest “Plus” model, despite having a 6.2-inch screen, should be more manageable with one hand. A rear fingerprint reader is also there, meaning a “through-the-screen” fingerprint reader is still a future feature.

The pix could be fakes of course, but we doubt Blass would post them if they were, but we’ll know for sure when the S8 hits the streets on March 29th.

Only $304. Per tire.

Muscle car fans, get ready to buy some tires. Fox News is reporting the upcoming Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will come standard with super-wide Nitto “drag radial” tires, which have just enough tread to be street legal.

However, the bigger new is that it will come with the same tire at all four corners, an unusual and frankly unneeded move if the car is only sending it’s rumored 750 or better horsepowers to the rear wheels only. Or will it? Dodge has made no secret that it’s going to expand its all-wheel-drive system from the lower-powered Charger SXT, so might the demonic Challenger be the first to sport the new high-power version of the all-wheel drive system? Hmmm…

Oh snap, no Switch release?

Mass Effect Andromeda fans have some required viewing to get warmed up for the latest iteration of the popular game with two new cinematic trailers that give an overview of the game and the characters involved. You’ll be joining the Pathfinder team on some deep space missions against all kinds of baddies, but hey, looks like there’s gonna be time for some romance as well.

Mass Effect Andromeda hits shelves on March 21st for all the major platforms except the new Nintendo Switch. Maybe… eventually.