Snap Inc.’s IPO filing reveals Snapchat user count, huge losses

Snap sees its way clear to March IPO

At long last, Snap Inc., better known as the creator of the Snapchat app and those funky Spectacle video-recording sunglasses, is headed for a big Wall Street IPO. Snap filed SEC paperwork that indicated the five-year-old tech startup has over 150 million users, with a solid growth pattern over the last few years. Snap reeled in just over $400 million in 2016, with a net loss of just over $500 million, and said they may never be profitable.

Some analysts are comparing Snap to Twitter, which was flying high after their IPO only to backslide to less than half their opening stock price today. The big debut for Snap is set for March, with a valuation between $25 and $30 billion, which should set up the young founders and their grandkid’s grandkids for life. Their stock ticker symbol? S-N-A-P of course.

Remember when 500GB was a ton of space? 

Playstation 4 owners taking part in the company’ beta program got some good news today: the latest update finally allows connection of an external hard drive. Oh, and you can customize your wallpaper as well. Hooray. But yes, now you can plug in a USB-3 spec external drive up to 8 terabytes in size to store all your games and stuff, so put away that hammer and screwdriver, there’s no need to pry open your PS4 anymore and replace the internal drive.

Also, keep it way from alien spacecraft and small nuclear reactors

LG is taking action following numerous reports that their high-end 5K computer monitors were having a number of problems if they were close to an wi-fi router. Apparently, a lack of shielding is causing the monitors to malfunction if they’re near a wifi router, and it gets worse the closer it is. The monitors came out late last year and so are covered under warranty, and owners can hit the link here to get the repair process started.

Unfortunately, a firmware update isn’t going to fix the problem, the monitors have to be physically modified with additional shielding. LG told MacWorld that they are also improving the shielding on the 5K monitors its now building.