Who ya gonna video call? Amazon rolls out new Echo Show home hub with touchscreen

It’s Show time, Alexa

We talked about how Apple’s Phil Schiller was lamenting that the current wave of home-bot computer hubs like the Amazon Echo and Google Home didn’t have screens. Well, we had some tips that was about to change and this morning it did as Amazon debuted the Echo Show, an Alexa-powered hub with a 7-inch touchscreen.

The Amazon Echo Show looks a bit like a glorified alarm clock, but that’s OK, it what it does that counts. The new device is packing eight microphones, a 5-megapixel video camera, Dolby-massaged speakers for decent sound, and a long list of compatibility with security cameras, smart home devices, streaming media services and so on. And, you can make video or regular phone calls with it. Actually, you can now make and take calls with regular Echo devices as well.

We’ve got a full rundown on what the $230-dollar Show has to offer, so hit this link for all the details. Your move, Apple and Microsoft.

Let’s get colorful

Google is apparently far along on the Fuchsia OS project, if screenshots acquired by Ars Technica and a bit of video of the functioning OS any indication.

The OS doesn’t appear to use the familiar layout if icons we typically see in Android or even iOS, but instead uses a series of panels that open and close. Ars says it’s also not based on Linux but instead runs on a micro-kernel called Magenta. It’s an open-source OS and supposedly will run on Android and perhaps even iOS devices.

We’re excited to see another OS potentially join the party.

We dig this Edition

Another day, another iPhone 8 render, but as the clock keeps on ticking towards a planned September reveal of Apple new halo phone, it seems like the guessing game is getting a bit more… concise.

Check out this render posted on YouTube by The 90s Robot. It shows the phone not having an “edge-to-edge” display, but it does cover essentially the entire front of the phone – including the selfie cameras – with the thinnest of protective bezels around it. On the back, the dual-camera array has shifted to a horizontal format (thank god), and there’s no fingerprint reader on the back. There’s no headphone jack of course.

Other rumors have suggested the next iPhone will have an OLED display that curves around the edges like the Samsung Galaxy Edge phones, but we don’t see that here. Looks pretty sweet to us, but of course, it’s still all speculation at this point. Like what you see? Leave us a note in comments.

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