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This 50-inch Toshiba Fire TV Edition 4K TV is down to its lowest price ever

Amazon didn’t become the world’s largest retailer by holding back, so when it created the Fire TV — the company’s futuristic digital media player, instantly famous for its delivering high-definition streaming content to your home — it went all out. And there are few better ways to experience it than on a huge, 50-inch screen, like this Toshiba Fire TV Edition 4K TV, marked down from $380 to $330, its lowest ever price at Amazon.

The size of this TV, 50 inches, is absolutely perfect for most, if not all, living room settings. And what you’ll be seeing from your couch is something special. Toshiba honed a remarkable 4K Ultra HD picture by applying to over 8 million pixels. The result? Breathtaking, clear, well-contrasted pictures with some of the most evocative colors a screen can provide. It stacked the deck, adding Dolby Vision HDR that permits 4K HDR picture quality (it will pick up the most subtle of contrasts and at the same time display the most brilliant bright images).

Powered by a quad-core CPU/multi-core GPU, this Toshiba Fire TV Edition 4K TV is like a brand-new car in terms of responsiveness (no waiting for your TV’s software to display your Netflix choices). It offers USB and Ethernet connections, which are standard, but also three HDMI inputs and the ability to connect with dual-band Wi-Fi.

The built-in Fire makes this really special though. It’s the ultimate bridge between traditional, over-the-air television and all your digital streaming apps and channels (a gap we’ve all had trouble crossing the last few years). What this boils down to is no-fuss alternating between the football game, your favorite Netflix series or game console during halftime, and then back again. HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Disney+ are all at your fingertips, available in high definition. And, of course, Fire TV works seamlessly with Alexa so that, if you really don’t want to, you don’t even have to raise a finger.

This is an all-around brilliant looking 4K TV that marries performance and versatility. There are some fantastic 4K TV deals going on at the moment, but you might want to jump on this 50-inch Toshiba Fire TV Edition 4K TV discount — it’s the lowest price ever!

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