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Cheap 65-inch 4K TVs: Hisense, LG, Samsung, TCL on sale from $400

If you’re iffy on spending a small fortune on a shiny new 65-inch 4K TV, then look no further than the Hisense H6500F Series, Samsung 7 Series, LG UM6900, and TCL Class 5-Series, all of which are on sale at Best Buy right now — and with pricing starting at only $400, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

65-inch Hisense H6500F Series 4K TV — $400, was $500

If your primary concerns in finding a new television are HDR format support with 4K resolution at the cheapest possible price, then Hisense is a good place to start. One of the Chinese brand’s most modestly priced 4K TV offerings, the H6500F Series, offers all of these plus a host of other near-premium functions. It’s got plenty of smart features (Chromecast and Bluetooth are built-in, and it works with Google Assistant), excellent response time and low input lag, user-friendly Android TV interface, and most importantly, a very satisfactory picture performance. You can purchase a 65-inch unit of the Hisense H6500F Series right now at Best Buy for just $400 instead of $500 — a huge $100 off.

The Hisense H6500F Series sports a fairly nondescript design. It’s made primarily of metal with a few plastic components but it doesn’t seem very solid. Its plastic stands support the TV’s weight well enough, but they don’t prevent wobbling. Its bezels are relatively thick as well, but they wouldn’t really distract your viewing experience. At the back, you’ll find three HDMI inputs, USB 2.0, composite video/audio input, digital audio output (optical), 3.5mm audio jack, and Ethernet.

This TV’s large 65-inch LED display is sharply detailed with deep uniform blacks and good color balance. However, it doesn’t get very bright nor does it handle reflections that well, so it’s best to put it in a dimly lit room. It also has bad viewing angles, so better watch your shows directly in front of it as the picture starts to deteriorate the further you move to the side. Fortunately, its response time is quite fast and input lag is very low, making this TV perfect for gaming.

We didn’t encounter any issues when using Android TV on the Hisense H6500F. It’s simple, uncluttered, and fairly easy to navigate, with all the popular channels and streaming apps readily available. What’s more, this TV has Chromecast built-in so you can stream video content on it using your phone as a remote. It’s also Bluetooth compatible so it lets you connect a compatible soundbar, speakers, or stereo components wirelessly. Lastly, Google Assistant integration allows you to search any content, fire up your favorite playlist, or get answers about weather, traffic, and sports scores through voice command.

The Hisense H6500F Series 4K TV is a potent mix of affordability, decent picture quality, awesome smart features, and easy-to-use TV interface. Get a 65-inch unit for just $400 at Best Buy today.

65-inch Samsung 7 Series 4K TV — $500, was $550

The Samsung 7 Series is one of Samsung’s most affordable TV offerings that shoppers on a budget will greatly appreciate. It won’t sweep cinephiles off their feet, but it still manages to deliver a good performance even at its relatively low cost. This TV is made entirely out of plastic with nary any premium materials in sight. Slightly questionable build quality aside, it looks pretty solid. Although the two legs are spaced a bit far apart from each other, the TV doesn’t wobble, and cable management is provided by grooves on the back and clips found on both legs. On the TV’s back is a healthy collection of ports including three HDMI 2.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, component ports, LAN Ethernet port, RF input, and an optical audio output. They’re all facing backward, though, which could be a problem if you choose to mount this TV on your wall.

This TV has a VA-LCD panel that provides decent picture quality with deep blacks, accurate colors, and high native contrast. It also supports HDR content, so watching Netflix and YouTube videos at their optimum picture setting is a possibility. However, the brightness isn’t sufficient to withstand glare, especially in a brightly lit room. Another issue is the narrow viewing angle. When you sit directly in front of this TV it looks good, but even a slight switch of position to the side and the picture starts to look murky. Again, for the price, the picture quality is quite satisfactory. Just make sure you have few sources of light in your room and try to watch your shows directly in front of it. Oh, and don’t invite too many guests over. This TV is not meant for viewing parties.

We encountered no problems whatsoever when it came to Samsung 7 Series’ smart TV interface. Running on Samsung’s Tizen 5 OS, the layout is simple and runs smoothly and snappily. Press the home button on the remote to pull up a row of shortcuts and a few recommended apps. It supports Apple AirPlay 2, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Furthermore, it has Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect a soundbar or pair of headphones to it wirelessly.

This TV’s stereo speakers are good but far from great; they are about what we expect from a slim midrange TV. The volume can be turned up loud enough to fill small to medium-sized rooms, dialogue sounds very clear, but this TV lacks a subwoofer so there’s no thump in the bass. You may want to purchase a soundbar.

The budget-friendly 65-inch Samsung 7 Series 4K TV is on sale at Best Buy right now for a cool $50 off. Get it for $500 instead of its normal retail price of $550.

65-inch LG UM6900 4K TV — $530, was $550

The 65-inch LG UM6900 4K TV only costs $30 more than the Samsung 7 Series, but given what it’s worth we think that it’s a much better investment. It’s a terrific all-rounder that’s stunning for movies, TV shows, and games, featuring a 4K Upscale Engine processor that transforms HD and Full HD content into a higher 4K Ultra HD resolution for even more mouth-watering and crisp details. The downside? The picture isn’t particularly bright and its ports can be better placed (they’re backward-facing and located almost near the center, although there are some side-facing ports that are more convenient).

The UM6900’s 4K LCD display is packed with 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. It supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) which works with LG’s own Active HDR to make each shot sharper and more dynamic, and as realistic as possible. Furthermore, advanced color mapping and coloring enhancing technology ensure that colors are accurate and remain vibrant at all times. The contrasts could use some work, though, and the display could definitely be brighter, but these drawbacks don’t ruin the overall viewing experience.

This TV runs with LG’s artificial intelligence-driven WebOS smart software, which acts as a portal to all the leading streaming services. The interface is fast, responsive, and well-organized, with easy access to all of your favorite streaming apps and channels both online and broadcast. And with voice assistants Alexa and Google Assistant integrated, you can opt for hands-free control and content search. LG’s astonishing Magic Remote is compatible with this TV, but unfortunately, it requires a separate purchase.

If the LG UM6900 doesn’t compare with LG’s premium OLED screen; nevertheless, its picture quality is pretty good and its relatively affordable price won’t burn a hole in your bank account. Get a 65-inch unit for $530 at Best Buy, an awesome $20 off its normal retail price of $550.

65-inch TCL 5-Series — $550, was $700

The TCL 5-Series 4K TV has an understated and basic design. Its bezels are nicely trim, keeping up with the latest TV design trend, which is almost unnoticeable when you’re watching something. It’s made of durable plastic in a matte-black finish that looks decent but is nowhere near luxurious. Despite its humdrum appearance, what really matters is the 5-Series’ excellent display.

This TV boasts a 65-inch vertical alignment (VA) panel with a 3,840 x 2,160 resolution. A VA panel is a type of LED screen that offers the best contrasts and image depth. Its picture quality is quite beautiful, with sharp details, vibrant colors, and deep blacks. This TV supports both HDR10 and Dolby Vision, so expect a delightfully wide spectrum of colors and details in gorgeous high definition. Its brightness level could use a little work, but you honestly get the best value out of every dollar spent in terms of image quality.

At the back of the TV, you’ll find the connection ports, including HDMI ports, RCA jacks, optical, USB, Ethernet, and even a 3.5mm audio jack. This TV only has three HDMI ports (normally one for a cable box, one for a soundbar, and one for a game console). Fortunately, you won’t be needing a slot for a digital streaming stick, since it already has a built-in Roku TV.

One of the best TV platforms on the market, Roku offers a simple and intuitive way to navigate various streaming apps and channels. Watching TV shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, and YouTube was an overall pleasant experience, and you get access to a broad range of free content via Roku TV’s Featured Free program.

The TCL 5-Series is a fantastic pick for a budget-friendly 4K TV. Its picture quality is amazing for the price, and the built-in Roku TV is a huge plus factor. However, you must brace yourself for a barrage of ads, which is the reason why this 4K TV is cheap. Other than that, this is a great TV that we fully recommend. Get it for just $550 instead of $700 at Best Buy today — a huge $150 less.

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