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Save $650 on this 75-inch Sony 4K TV in Dell’s Black Friday Preview Sale

Black Friday is a month away, and the annual shopping holiday will bring with it multiple deals for devices and appliances such as smartphones, laptops, and TVs. The discounts, however, have already started, with Dell launching its preview sale for the yearly retail blowout sale. Among its offerings is a huge $650 off a 75-inch Sony 4K TV, bringing its price down to $1,148 from $1,798.

The Sony X800H is powered by Sony’s X1 processor, which removes noise and boosts details in everything that you watch. The TV is capable of upscaling 2K and Full HD content so that they will be displayed as close to 4K Ultra HD resolution, with the X1 processor also enabling Sony’s Triluminos technology that reproduces a wider and more precise range of colors. With a screen that measures 75 inches diagonally and bordered by narrow bezels, watching movies and playing video games is nothing short of amazing.

The television also features multidimensional sound and Dolby Atmos support, so audio will seem as though it coming from several directions for a more immersive viewing experience. It also features X-balanced speakers, which maintain sound quality even with the TV’s ultra-thin design.

The 75-inch 4K TV is also a smart TV, running on the Android TV platform. In addition to providing access to streaming services and apps, the Sony X800H is also compatible with popular platforms such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home and Chromecast, and Apple’s AirPlay and HomeKit. The TV also offers Voice Search capabilities, so you won’t need to dive deep into menus or type long titles when you already know what you want to watch.

November 27 is still a month away, but the Black Friday deals have already started with Dell. If you are looking for a high-end TV, the Sony X800H is packed with features that already make it a good buy for its original price of $,1798. Dell, however, is offering a $650 discount for the 75-inch Sony 4K TV to lower its price to $1,148, for a deal that may be too good to ignore. It’s unclear how long the discount will last, so you might want to snap up Dell’s offer right away.

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