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Take $200 off the Acer Aspire U5 all-in-one desktop computer until March 29

Acer Aspire U5 all-in-one
Laptops are hugely popular for their portability and convenience, but traditional desktop PCs are still ideal for homes and offices as the larger displays, full keyboards, and optical mice are more comfortable for long-term use. Desktop computers can be bulky, however, with tower cases taking up room on your desk and a mess of cables congesting your workspace. Newer all-in-one PCs like the slim Acer Aspire U5 solve this trade-off with desktop hardware built right into the monitor unit, and for a limited time you can take $200 off of the Aspire U5 AU5-620-UR53 when you buy it directly from the Acer Store.

Although it bridges the gap between slim laptops and full-sized desktop PCs, the Acer Aspire U5 doesn’t sacrifice power for size. This all-in-one PC runs on an Intel 2.5GHz dual-core i5-4200M processor which provides plenty of juice for work and entertainment. The dedicated Nvidia GeForce GTX 850M graphics card with 2GB of video memory easily handles those late-night gaming sessions, while 8GB of internal RAM gives you extra power for multitasking and can be expanded to 16GB if you need a boost.

Acer Aspire U5 all-in-oneThe Aspire U5 features a 23-inch IPS screen with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. Unlike standard desktop monitors, this all-in-one PC’s integrated display doubles as a 10-point multitouch screen for added convenience, and two stereo speakers provide built-in sound. A 1TB hard drive offers considerable storage space for your files and programs while five USB ports — two 3.0 and three 2.0 — give you plenty of options for transferring data and hooking up peripherals. A mouse and keyboard are included as well.

The Acer Aspire U5 all-in-one is normally $900 from the Acer Store but a limited-time $200 discount brings the price down to $700 until Wednesday, March 29 as part of Acer’s ongoing March Madness sale.

Buy it from the Acer Store for $700

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