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Add a second screen to your laptop with these portable monitors

It’s not a failing of laptops — you bought it because it was portable after all — but an inherent deficiency tends to be their screens. Even the biggest, most beautiful MacBook will only deliver so many pixels and can only offer so much multi-tasking ability. A solution that’s easy — both on the wallet, and your workflow (not to mention your eyes) — is to combine your laptop’s convenience with a portable monitor. Anywhere you travel, anywhere you sit, can become your personal workstation, offering all the convenience and multitasking abilities of multiple screens.  Right now, at Amazon, there are some amazing deals on portable monitors. Check them out, and increase your productivity exponentially!

Duex Pro 12.5-inch Portable Monitor — $230, was $280

A screen that’s 12.5 inches doesn’t sound like much, but it can be revolutionary. Duex has loaded this portable monitor with a new graphics chip so that any motion you see on the Full HD 1080P display will be smooth and beautifully detailed (especially with 300 nits of brightness). This monitor has flexible rotation (a full 270 degrees) and offers an amazingly configured 180-degree presentation mode, which can be both handy and impressive. Need only one screen for the moment? No problem, it has a sliding feature where it can hide behind your laptop in an instant. There are Type-C USB connections, to ensure speed and reliability and the magnetic adhesives you use to attach it to your laptop are super simple to use. Best of all, it will work with almost any laptop no matter the size. Click the special coupon box and get $50 off right now.

Trio 12.5-inch Dual & Triple Screen Laptop Monitor — $250, was $300

As its name suggests, the Trio portable laptop monitor can offer you not just an additional screen, but two, so that you have all your bases covered. Whether you’re separating spreadsheets and models from the presentations in which that data will be included, presenting work, or teaching a team, having three screens can be an organizational and visual dream, and multiply your productivity. There’s a Type-C USB connection for speed and it works with Windows, Mac, Android, and Chromebook laptops. The Trio is light and extremely portable, making every coffee shop, remote location, or airplane seat, into your personal workspace. The adhesives are simple to use, and the screen applies special tech to reduce glare. Just like the Duex, there is full 270-degree rotation. Don’t forget to click the coupon box to get $50 off.

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