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Hurry! AirPods Pro with AppleCare+ on sale for just $239 — today only

Take your mark, get set, go! This deal is a race because it’s a one-day-only flash sale from B&H. Act now and you can get top-of-the-line Apple AirPods Pro with AppleCare+ for $239. That’s $39 less than it would cost to buy the two together. There are only a few hours left in this sale, so if you’re in the market for new headphones or AirPods, run, don’t walk.

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AirPods Pro have some serious advantages over AirPods. The most important: There’s active noise cancellation. AirPods Pro let you walk or work as if you are the only person around. They cancel out pretty much all exterior noise, especially wind (important when dealing with airbuds, which don’t have the big cups of other noise-canceling headphones that cover your ears). But this feature is fungible, in that there’s a transparency mode that allows the details of the exterior noise you want — meetings, conversations with friends, kids — back into your ears. They upped the output as well, constructing these AirPods Pro with three microphones, with one of them designed specifically to pick up your voice. The result? These are some of the best headphones out there to make calls. Finally, Apple built a vent system to help save you and your ears from the annoying pressure that can build up in from the noise-canceling features.

The AirPods Pro also arrive with interchangeable silicone ear tips that help them form-fit inside your ears. This has a dual advantage: They make the AirPods Pro more comfortable and they seal off the world for the best listening experience. Additionally, they’ve upped the battery life to an impressive five hours, backed up with the portable charging case that lasts 24 hours on a single charge. And of course, there’s support for Siri and built-in voice control for all your music and calls and volume.

Here’s the kicker: These AirPods Pro come with AppleCare+, which is a certified protection plan for your headphones from Apple. Now, your headphones already have a one-year warranty in case of any defects and 90 days of free support if you run into any issues from the get-go. But AppleCare+ extends your coverage to two years from the purchase date and includes standard things like repair and quick replacement of your AirPods, and their accessories, like the case, the battery or the USB cable. On top of this, the coverage gives you two incidents of accidental damage (have you dropped your Airpods in your coffee? We have.) for only a $29 service fee.

This sale will only be here today. There are some great AirPods deals out there, but none of them offer the AirPods Pro, with Apple Care+, for a price like this. Act now, and you can get it for $239, a savings of $39 off the original price of $278. That’s a lot of music, calls, podcasts, and privacy, plus some peace of mind, for a great price.

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