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The Alienware x15 Gaming Laptop is $800 off right now

Alienware x15 Gaming Laptop front view showing Cyberpunk 2077 on the display and keyboard deck profile.

Alienware is one of those companies that tend to come up often, especially since it’s known for high-end gaming laptops and being one of the first companies that offered them on the market. While they don’t have the same market dominance as they once did, there are still a lot of great gaming laptops coming out of the company, such as the Alienware x15. Being the slightly older sibling of the Alienware x15 R2, it’s not as expensive, and with this deal from Dell bringing it down to $1,500 from $2,300, you’re getting a good deal for hardware that is only one generation behind.

Why you should buy the Alienware x15 Gaming Laptop

While it may seem like a sacrifice, you’re still getting an 11th-gen Intel i7-11800H with the Alienware x15 rather than the 12th-gen version you’d get with the R2. With such a small difference between the two in the grand scheme of things, you likely wouldn’t notice a big performance difference. Either way, the main focus on gaming laptops is the GPU, and with the x15, you get an RTX 3060, a mid-tier GPU that can handle most modern games with reasonably good settings. Visual fidelity is helped by the fact that it’s running a 1080p, 165Hz screen, meaning it doesn’t tax the RTX 3060 to the point where you have to settle for a worse setting, a compromise we think is great and worth it if you aren’t ready to spend over $2,000 on a laptop for a higher-resolution screen you’d find among our other Alienware deals.

As for RAM, you get 16GB, which is about what you’d expect for a higher-end gaming system, and it gives you some breathing room to have a couple of apps and browsers open simultaneously. On the other hand, storage is only a 512GB SSD and might be a bit tight depending on what games you play, so it may be worth grabbing an external hard drive deal to help supplement your non-gaming storage. Finally, the Alienware x15 comes with Wi-Fi 6 packed in, so you’ll get a great wireless gaming experience, assuming you connect with a Wi-Fi 6-enabled router.

All in all, the Alienware x15 is a great way to enter the gaming laptop market without breaking the bank, and the $800 discount from Dell bringing it down to $1,500 makes it an even bigger steal. That said, we have some other great gaming laptop deals for you to consider if you want to weigh your options.

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