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You can still get a washer and dryer for under $1,000 in the Best Buy Labor Day Sale

Amana High Efficiency Top Load Washer and Electric Dryer in a decorated laundry room.

Labor Day sales have ended in some places but there’s still some time left to buy one of the best washer and dryer deals available at Best Buy, and today’s the day. With some excellent deals on washer and dryer packages continuing, you can buy Amana’s 3.5-cubic-foot high-efficiency top load washer and 6.5-cubic-foot electric dryer bundle for less than usual. Normally priced at $1,090, it’s down to $1,000 for a limited time only, saving you $90. That might be a modest discount but it all adds up and if you’re in the market for a new washer and dryer bundle, we’re here to explain why this could be the one for you and your family.

Amana’s 3.5-cubic-foot top load washer is a good choice for a small or growing family. A dual-action agitator helps move your wash around for thorough cleaning with no missed spots. If your previous washer sometimes left clothes feeling like the detergent wasn’t fully rinsed, this Amana model has a deep water wash option for extended rinsing. There are plenty of automatic washing cycles to choose from, 13 in all, so you can find the right combination of water temperature, spin cycle, and agitator force. Heavy stainless steel washer tubs can occasionally snag fabrics, but Amana uses a porcelain tub to avoid such mishaps. You won’t have to decipher arcane user manuals or confusing menus to operate this washer, either, because manual electromechanical controls keep everything simple and easy.

Despite the excellent price for this bundle, Amana’s 6.5-cubic-foot electric dryer adds special features to protect your garments and linens while thoroughly drying them. The capacious drying drum has plenty of room to accommodate a load of big fluffy towels. There are 11 different drying cycle choices and three temperature settings so you can avoid overheating delicate fabrics and also find the right settings for thick, tougher materials. Amana has sensors in the dryer drum that protect your wash from over-drying and help save energy as well. As with the matching Amana washer, manual dryer control dials on the dryer’s top back panel make finding and selecting the best setting for each drying load fast and easy.

While the big day may be over, Best Buy still has a few different Labor Day washer and dryer sales, and this Amana bundle is one of the best deals. It’s certainly the cheapest around. Instead of the usual $1,090 list price, you can buy Amana’s 3.5-cubic-foot high-efficiency top load washer and 6.5-cubic-foot electric dryer for just $1,000 today, a compelling $90 savings. If you’ve been tracking washer and dryer prices for the last two years, you know this is one of the biggest bargains ever, so don’t hesitate. It’s likely to not stick around for much longer.

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