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Get three months of Audible Premium for FREE today

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If you’re a huge fan of listening to your books, then Audible is a great resource that provides you with literally thousands of audiobooks to listen to. The subscription can be pretty expensive, especially if you aren’t sold on the service just yet, which is why we love this deal from Amazon that lets you grab Audible Premium for three months for absolutely no cost. That’s right — you can test drive Audible for three months without, so even if you don’t know if it’s for you, there’s no actual monetary cost to give it a shot!

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So what exactly do you get from Audible Premium? Well, to start with, you get one credit a month that can be spent on buying audiobooks from their premium selection, access to the whole plus catalog, which includes audiobooks and podcasts, and finally, a 30% discount on a selection of premium books, as well as access to special premium sales. Basically, that all boils down to getting one premium audiobook a month and access to a library that has a few thousand audiobooks to pick from, which is certainly worth the $15/month you’d pay once the subscription finishes, so the fact that it’s free is even better.

It’s also available on many devices, so you don’t have to stick to one thing specifically. For example, you can listen to your audiobooks directly from a Fire TV, which is pretty handy, or if you own an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, which are both the more popular Echo devices, then you can listen to your audiobooks through them too, although it also works on any Echo device. Finally, it has support for both iOS and Android, and more specifically, if you have an Android device that isn’t a mobile phone, such as Android TV, it should function there too, since there’s access to the Play Store. So really, there are lots of listening options.

Overall, Audible is a great subscription service if you love audiobooks, and this deal from Amazon that lets you grab the first three months for free is great if you want to give the service a test run.

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