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Amazon drops Echo smart home device prices for Labor Day Sale

Amazon began dropping prices for its house brand, Amazon Echo smart home devices for the upcoming Labor Day sales event. Just as leaves changing colors signal the coming fall, Alexa-compatible device price cuts by Amazon and Google Assistant device discounts at Walmart mean a big sale is on the way. Walmart’s Google Home device prices took a similar dive.

We gathered the best discounts available on Amazon Echo smart speakers and smart displays. If you missed the Prime Day 2019 sales but want to start or add to a smart home network that responds to hands-free Alexa commands, these four deals can help you save up to $40.

Echo Dot— $20 off

The third-generation Amazon Echo Dot is the best-selling smart speaker for all platforms. Even at full price, the Dot is the lowest-cost gateway to the immense universe of Alexa-compatible devices and special-purpose programs known as Alexa Skills. Start by using the Dot for alarms and timers. Next start asking the digital voice assistant about the weather, movies are playing near your location, and your appointments and tasks for the day. Alexa will tell you a story, chat about most topics, or share a joke. Add Alexa Skills for specific tasks or to control compatible smart home devices. Before you know it, you may join the ranks of multi-Dot owners for the convenience and entertainment if nothing else.

Normally priced at $50, the Echo Dot is just $30 during the Labor Day sale. If you want to see what the ruckus is all about with smart homes or your kids have asked to have Alexa in their own rooms, this is an opportunity to score good prices on the powerful device.

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Echo Plus — $40 off

The second-generation Echo Plus smart speaker is functionally identical to the Echo Dot, but the Plus justifies its higher price with better music and connectivity. The Echo Plus has Dolby 360-degree audio for room-filling sound from a 3-inch neodymium woofer and a 0.8-inch tweeter. Bass is stronger and vocals have greater clarity than with the Echo Dot or original Amazon Echo. The Echo Plus also adds a Zigbee-compatible hub so you can connect the vast array of devices that support the Zigbee wireless standard to your Alexa smart home.

Usually $150, the Echo Plus is just $110 during this sale. If you’re looking for a smart speaker that will bring the party to your house, this is a chance to buy the Echo Plus at an attractive price.

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Echo Show 5 — $25 off

Amazon Echo Show 5 review
The Echo Show 5 is the smaller of two Echo Show smart displays, with aggressive pricing made even better with this deal. The Show 5’s 5.5-inch screen can show recipes, weather reports, news video clips, movie trailers, and even films and TV shows. Because it’s also a fully functional Alexa smart speaker, the Echo Show 5 could be the only smart device in your home. You also use it as a command center for an entire Alexa-compatible smart home network.

Regularly priced at $90, the Echo Show 5 is just $65 while this sale lasts. If you’re shopping for a smart display for a an Amazon Echo smart home, this could be the time to snap up the Show 5 at a discounted price.

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Echo Input — $15 off

Echo Input
If you prefer to use one of your own speakers for music, and your sound system has a 3.5mm audio jack or Bluetooth support, you can save even more money with an Echo Input. The Input has almost all of the same functions as an Echo Dot or Echo Plus, most notably it won’t work with voice calls, but at a fraction of the rice.

Ordinarily $35, the Echo Input is just $20 during this sale. If you want to add Alexa with your own speaker to your home for times, music on demand, and all the other functions except voice calls, this is an excellent opportunity to take acquire the Echo Input at a compelling price.

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